Hey, nosey. Thanks for stopping by! Bruce Label is a woman-owned small business based in Essex. 

I'm Joanna, and Bruce is my bonkers dachshund. I've worked in opera for almost 10 years, and during the pandemic I was furloughed and had both my hours and salary reduced. I spent a lot of time online buying and looking at vintage clothing to cheer myself up. When I bought a beaten up Wilardy Lucite bag from the States, I knew I had to find a way of recreating it at home. That's when I started making bags from resin and vintage fabrics. 

I absolutely love handbags - I've even been to (the sadly now closed) Museum of Handbags and Purses Amsterdam. I have a few treasured handbags which I've had forever. No matter who you are or how you look or feel, you can always wear a handbag with confidence. It can make an outfit, complement it, or simply be the entire look - and that's the beauty of it! I bet you have a handbag that you have treasured for years. They're beautiful objects that can lift your mood in an instant, and one that you'll trust with all your secrets.

It has taken me a while to develop these bags, making sure they are colourful, sustainable, and incorporate an element of the original vintage inspiration behind Bruce Label. They are made from hand, from start to finish. That means that I've designed the shape, mixed the silicone, created the moulds, and hand poured the resin. The whole shebang. They are also made to last. I wanted to make this brand as circular as possible, and that's why you can have your bag repaired for free, or sell it back to me if you no longer use it.

The best handbags aren't the iconic ones - the Fendi baguette, the Chanel chain bag, or the ubiquitous LV. They're the ones we keep with us when we're out living our best lives, creating memories with our friends and loved ones, and dancing or talking our hearts out over an oat flat white. And I hope your Bruce Label bag will be there when you're living your best life for many treasured years to come.